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Under Floor Insulation


Special offer if combined with our skirting systems or UPVC windows and doors.

if you are a local caravan owner within 20 miles of Skegness we have an insulation Summer special offer on right now for 2015, any caravan any size £250.

We are now able to offer an under floor Insulation system which is a 4 layers of air bubble film with aluminium bonded to both faces. The aluminium is coated with a fire polythene to give durability and corrosion resistance. This creates a fully waterproof insulation system.

It is a high performance insulation material which acts by trapping air within its structure creating low emission air spaces which enhance its total thermal capabilities. As it has an aluminium coating to both sides not only will it reflect any heat loss back into your home it also deflects cold air trying to penetrate from the underside too!

The insulation material is only 6mm thick we do not use the cheaper 4mm insulation as the 6mm insulation properties are far superior, once fixed to the underside of your caravan or park home will not interfere with any space under your home or existing pipework!

The general properties are as follows;

* Warmer in the winter AND cooler in the summer

*Equivalent to 55mm (2 inches) of polystyrene or 150mm (6 inches) of fibreglass insulation

*CFC and  HCFC Free (low carbon footprint)

*Achieves Class 1 surface spread of flames tested to 
British Standard 476 part 7

Ask about our "Cosy Caravan" package of full replacement of your windows and doors AND under floor insulation. 

Get in touch  via the customer submissions form on the "contact us" page for more details or find us on facebook at or like our page

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